Ralph Moody


Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Accredited Master Trainer
Level 7 Learning and Development


Ralph believes that lifelong learning is precisely that, and should not be limited by age or perceived ability. He has a belief that all of us have the potential to do anything if we put our minds to it. Armed with the right skills, knowledge and attitude, we can all perform to the highest standards. Moreover, his philosophy is that limiting belief is what holds the majority of people back and that, with appropriate coaching, mentoring and training, we can all achieve anything. With over 30 years of training experience, he specialises in trainer, management and leadership development.

He is an international training consultant with expertise in development, design, delivery and management of bespoke training programmes and soft skill fields. Furthermore, he is a renowned motivational speaker within the area of personal and professional development and is recognised for his extraordinary enthusiasm for training. As an accredited master trainer, Ralph takes massive pride in seeing delegates whom he has trained go on to bigger and better things. He has studied adult human behaviour over the past 30 years and applies these skills in each and every session he delivers.

As the founder of Target Training Associates, Ralph has been actively involved in the design and delivery of training to a worldwide audience across many sectors. Additionally, he has developed and delivered management and workforce development programmes that have been adopted as a prerequisite in key management roles. His testimonials are legendary, and his passion and enthusiasm for training have been commented on within each session he has delivered.

Ralph’s number one passion in life is his family. Furthermore, he is a keen aviation enthusiast and pilot and believes that flying in his adopted home, Northumberland, is a dream come true. Outside of training, his other interests include walking, football, Formula 1 and travel. 

A typical testimonial from one of Ralph's clients:

★★★★★ "I spent two days online virtual training on PTT Train the Trainer with Target Training Associates led by the wonderfully charismatic Ralph Moody. Many words spring to mind to describe this but let me try to capture the essence - enjoyable, uplifting, insightful, informative and totally transformative. Ralph sets standards high and delivers as the incredibly upbeat, switched on and consummate professional he truly is. He has over three decades of professional training experience expertise and it really shows. I cannot recommend time spent with Ralph and Target Training Associates highly enough, it is simply superb!" Maire Grattan.

Speaking in public can be something that makes some of us fearful and emotional, but at the same time, this can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our lives, since it provides us with the opportunity to express our ideas and share them with others.

This session will help you conquer your fear master public speaking.

  • Acquire the skills to prepare and deliver great speech!
  • Learn about the characteristics of a successful speech and hw to give one!
  • Discover how to make an impact on your audience!
  • Find out some of the best techniques used by experts who deliver memorable speeches.

This session includes additional written material, so you can follow up on your session and continuously improve your skills.

90 mins

Training of Trainers is our speciality, we are 5-star rated with Trustpilot, and our courses are aimed at individuals who are looking to become certified professional trainers. If you want to learn how to deliver training with confidence, using skills and techniques associated with highly experienced trainers, this 1 to 1 is for you.  

This session will explain the key elements of the five pillars of instruction associated with the best trainers and covers:

  • Training Structure
  • Questioning Technique
  • Use of Aids
  • Personal Qualities Needed
  • Content

This session includes additional written material, so you can follow up on your session and continuously improve your skills. Moreover, if required, underpinning knowledge on this 1 to 1 can be used towards a formal ILM accredited course.

120 mins

Dealing with difficult people can be a challenge for managers and individuals who are customer-facing. Moreover, it can be a real challenge for managers when faced with staffing problems and issues.

This session can be adapted to your individual needs, but typical sessions would include:

  • Understanding why people are difficult
  • Awareness of humanistic behaviour
  • Practical techniques to be used in a dynamic environment
  • Reflective practise for further development

This session is all about understanding what makes people difficult and provides you with practical techniques you can apply with immediate effect. 

90 mins